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“Safely increase the strength and mobility of your back while reducing chronic pain.”

The Medical Breakthrough for Back Pain

MedX Exercise Therapy is a unique form of rehabilitative exercise that has been shown to reduce back pain, increase mobility, and strengthen the muscles surrounding the spine. It is strongly supported by research and is safe when implemented by a certified practitioner.

Medx Machine

Why MedX?

MedX therapeutic exercise for the lumbar spine targets the correct muscles that require strengthening. This is accomplished by restraining the pelvis and reducing the activation of the muscles of the hip. Its goal is to safely recondition the lower back muscles. Once an adequate amount of lower back strength is restored, the next phase involves practicing compound/multi-joint movements to properly coordinate the body’s mechanics. This means reintroducing movements involving a combination of lumbar extension with hip extension.

Conventional attempts to strengthen the lower back typically fail because the muscles of the hip are allowed to remain active while exercising. Thus, the muscles of the lower spine are shielded from the exercise movement and its conditioning effect, or (even worse) at some point of the exercise movement the back muscles are required to respond to forces that are beyond their functional capacity. In short, proper conditioning of the lower back requires a sequence of specific exercises to target weak muscles and then reestablish efficient movement patterns by introducing compound movements to promote correct coordination of muscle activity.

MedX therapy is exercise science! A large amount of clinical data has been established supporting its effectiveness.

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Pelvis Fixed And Spin In Flexion
Pelvis Fixed And Spin In Extension
Full Schematic